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Your body is unique. Your healthy food plan can be too.

Your body is unique, exceptional, one of a kind. While we all share basic nutritional requirements, your body has a blueprint all its own. That blueprint has distinct and special requirements for food, herbs, oils, supplements, and sleep. I call this blueprint your bio-individual body.

Learn to make smart food choices; improve your health without medicine.

If you are like many people I work with, you have been wondering why there are so many different diets recommended by doctors, nutritionists, physical therapists, and even food journalists. Should you eat a plant-based diet? Does your body require meat? Why do gluten-free diets seem to be all the rage? Low-carb or low-fat? Raw… macrobiotic… vegan… paleo… sugar-free…. How do you begin to sort through the confusion and decide what foods will help your body thrive?

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Eat Well to Be Well

A bio-individual nutrition plan and healthy eating can help you:

  • Reduce stress
  • Increase energy and vitality
  • Lose weight
  • Resolve digestion complaints
  • Lessen allergy symptoms
  • Move gracefully through hormonal changes
  • Thrive in pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Recover from a health challenge without unnecessary medications
  • Reduce the frequency and severity of common colds and flu

You can learn to make smart food choices to improve your health without medicine.

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What’s Really in Your Food?

Many people don’t understand what’s really in their food, and food manufacturers work hard to make this issue as confusing and complicated as possible. My clients are often ill equipped to take control of their food and, by extension, their health. The array of information online often can be baffling, overwhelming, and just plain wrong for your body.

You can regain or improve your health through customized nutritional support! In addition to dietary changes that are specific to the health goals and/or challenges that you face, nutrition education is key if you want to regain control of your health without medicine.

BONUS! Our work together will also benefit the health of your family. When you learn how to prepare and eat healthful foods, your family’s improved health will follow naturally.

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